Network Notifications



 Country Network TADIG Launch Date Service
Greece Cosmote GRCCO 10/09/20 LTE
Latvia BITE LVABT 09/09/20 GSM, GPRS, 3G, LTE & CAMEL
Lithuania BITE LTUMT 09/09/20 GSM, GPRS, 3G, LTE & CAMEL
Portugal NOS PRTOP 07/09/20 LTE


 Country Network TADIG Launch Date Service
Brazil Claro BRACL 27/8/20 CAMEL & LTE
Macau Hutchison MACHT 24/08/20 CAMEL & LTE
Belgium Orange BELMO 12/08/20 CAMEL & LTE
Kenya Safaricom KENSA 12/08/20 LTE
Malaysia Celcom MYSCC 12/08/20 LTE
Denmark Telia DNKIA 07/08/20 LTE

JULY 2020

 Country Network TADIG Launch Date Service
Denmark Telia DNKIA 27/07/20 CAMEL
Samoa Blue Sky WSMK9 09/07/20 GSM, GPRS & 3G
American Samoa Blue Sky ASMK9 09/07/20 GSM, GPRS & 3G
Turkey Turkcell  TURTC 13/07/20 LTE 
Dem. Republic of Congo Vodacom CODVC 15/07/20 LTE
Uganda Africell UGAOR 20/07/20 CAMEL
India Reliance JIO Infocomm Ltd Various 20/07/20 LTE


 Country Network  TAP Code In Service/Out of Service Date  Service
Mexico Pegaso PCD, S.A. de C.V. MEX:MS Out of Service 01/09/20 GPRS
Bangladesh Grameenphone Ltd BGD:GP In Service 19/08/20 LTE
Canada Videotron CAN:VT In Service 12/08/20 CAMEL
Sri Lanka Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Pte) Ltd LKA:HT Suspended 10/08/20 3G
Belgium Orange Belgium SA/NV BEL:MO In Service 05/08/20 LTE-M
Niger Celtel Niger NER:CT In Service 29/07/20 LTE
Slovakia Slovak Telekom, a.s. SVK:ET In Service 29/07/20 LTE
United Arab Emirates Emirates Telecommunications Group (Etisalat) ARE:TC Suspended 01/07/20 All Services
India Vodafone, Vodafone Idea, Vodafone Mobile Services Limited IND:IO, IND:IW, IND:HM, IND:07, IND:IB, IND:IM, UND:IK, IND:CC, IND:ID, IND:E1, IND:BO, IND:BM, IND:BI, IND:F1, IND:EH, IND:IH, IND:IJ, IND:SK, IND:EK, IND:BK, IND:MP, IND:IE, IND:SP, IND:IR, IND:IT, IND:BT, IND:IU, IND:EU 3G Shutdown 30/06/20 If more details required please contact your Account Manager
Benin MTN-Spacetel-Benin BEN:SP In Service 24/06/20 CAMEL
Uruguay AM Wireless Uruguay S.A. URY:AM In Service 24/06/20 LTE
French Polynesia Pacific Mobile Telecom PRF:VF In Service 03/06/20


Turkey Avea Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. TUR:IS In Service 03/06/20 LTE

Other Network Notifications

Network Notification Date
Airtel Jersey We have been advised of planned activity on Airtel's Jersey's signalling network which will impact all signalling traffic for 30 minutes. 15th September 2020 05:00 GMT+01 till 07:00 GMT+01
T-Mobile T-Mobile have confirmed they will sunset their 3G network from 1st January 2021 followed by their 2G network approximately 6 months later.  Ahead of this from the 4th August 2020 they stopped connecting new 2G and 3G networks. 1st January 2021
Etisalat, UAE Etisalat 2G Network will be decommissioned on the 31st December 2022. 31st December 2022
Vodafone GmbH Germany (DEUD2) We hereby inform you and give you notice that the 3G roaming services of Vodafone GmbH Germany (DEUD2), when acting as a VPMN operator in the territory of Germany, will be available only until the date of 30th of June 2021 and from the date of 1st of July 2021, such services will be not available. From the date of 1st of July 2021, the frequencies will be reallocated to meet the increasing demand for 4G and 5G services.

We also inform you, that the 2G roaming services of Vodafone GmbH Germany (DEUD2), when acting as a VPMN operator in the territory of Germany, will remain available after the date of 30th of June 2021.

 20th June 2021
Vodafone Malta Following the acquisition of Vodafone Malta by Monaco Telecom on 1st April 2020, Vodafone Roaming Services (VRS) have inform us that a 24 months transitioning period started on the 1st April 2020.  Monaco Telecom will gradually take over all roaming activities of Vodafone Malta. From 1st April 2020
POST Luxembourg POST Luxembourg has informed us of the sunset of their 3G network by the end of June 2022. June 2022
Elisa Finland We have received notifiation that Elisa Finland (FINRL/24405) will decomssion its 3G network in by the end of 2023.  2024 onward they will operate their 2G, 4G and 5G networks normally. End 2023
Telenor Denmark (DNKDM) We have received notification that Telenor Denmark are starting 3G network shutdown beginning April 2021.The 3G network will be completed mid 2022.

Their 2G will remain and their 4G/LTE network will have the same coverage.
April 2021
Voxbone in Spain

Please note we have received notification of maintenance work in Spain during the following window:

Start time: 2020-03-29 21:00 GMT

End time: 2020-030-30 02:00 GMT

Some calls may get disconnected during the above specified time window.

March 2020
 Vodafone in the Netherlands (NLDLT)

Please note we have received notification that Vodafone in the Netherlands (NLDLT) is progressing the decommission of their 3G Network. They anticipated it will be fully decommissioned by the end of February 2020.

This will affect all of their 3G roaming services but not their 2G or 4G/LTE inbound networks which will remain as they are now.

 February 2020